How Often Should You Replace Your CPAP Supplies?

If you are new to CPAP Equipment or not sure when you should replace CPAP items we are here to help.

It can become confusing to understand when you need to change your CPAP Mask, filters, tubing and so on. As well as this, it can be hard to even remember when you need to replace the items!

The recommended schedule for supplies is as follows:

Machine Filters: 3-6 weeks

Cleanable Filters: 6-12 months

Machine Tubing: 3 months

Heated Tubing: 3 months

Mask Replacement: 6 months

Machine Replacement: 3-5 years   

As well as replacing these items listed above, you need to be cleaning your mask, tubing and humidifier regularly. Remember, as you are breathing in using your CPAP, your air is only as clean as you keep your equipment.

There are cleaning machines on the market that make it very easy to clean and sanitize your CPAP items.

The SoClean

The first one is the SoClean Machine, which uses ozone and kills 99.9 percent of germs. You can put your mask, hose and humidifier directly into the machine.

SoClean Machine

The Lumin

The second is the Lumin, which uses Ultra-violet C light to clean items. It takes as little as 5 minutes to clean! It can also be used to clean your phone, toothbrush, glasses and so much more. Because it has so much more uses than just cleaning CPAP supplies it makes it a handy machine to have.

Lumin Machine

However, to clean your hose you will need to purchase the Lumin Bullet. A sanitizing probe is inserted into the hose, the lumin bullet case then closes around the tubing. To clean the tubing, magnets in the casing help you to glide the probe through the tube.

Lumin Bullet

The Sleep8

Lastly, there is the sleep8 as well as other travel size sanitation devices. This is a very small and lightweight machine. All you do is put your mask, hose and humidifier in the sanitizing bag and turn on the machine. It uses ozone and takes about an hour to clean your supplies. Due to the small size, these are great for travel.


Remember even though you need to clean your CPAP items, you will still need to replace these items as they do wear out. If you do not replace your supplies, then they may not provide the most effective therapy.

You can find all the accessories you will need at If you have any questions, we are available 24/7 via chat, email or phone.

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