No Rest

Daniel R., Early College High School

Ever since I was little, I have had trouble sleeping. At first my parents thought that it was because I had a lot of energy. After all, little kids tend to have a lot of energy to burn. However, the primary reason why I couldn’t fall asleep was because I was afraid of the dark. As a child I was very afraid of things that I did not understand, and to be honest I still am. I would not be able to fall asleep until it was very late or if my dad slept besides me. I was very afraid of spiders, snakes, and scorpions. One night, after we came home from the zoo, I could not fall asleep. I began to see the snakes and spiders everywhere on my room. I would cry a lot and was in a constant state of fear. Even though my father was there, I could still see them. It wasn’t until about four in the morning that I could fall asleep. So as a result the probable cause of my sleep disorder was my phobia to crawling animals.

As I got older, the reasons were different. My bedtime was always at 9:30 p.m. However if I wasn’t at bed by that time, I could not fall asleep. The reason why I couldn’t fall asleep if I went to bed late was unknown. However, I believe that it had to do with the idea that I had that if I didn’t go to bed I would not fall asleep. As I went to high school, I could still not fall asleep. The reasons were related to stress. My sophomore year was the first year I went to a public school, it was very stressful adjusting to the system. In order to fall asleep, I began to take melatonin 3mg pills. I began to fall asleep and was able to get rest. I have learned from my experiences and have discussed this with my friends and teachers to see if there any that were like me. In fact, one teacher, Mrs. Baker, had a son who had sleep apnea
. She told me that her son was unable to breathe while sleeping and had to take him to the hospital for a time. Afterwards, she brought him home with a CPAP, which is a machine that monitors the breathing and vital signs of the baby. I have talked to people in order to help them and have recommended things for them to do. For example, to face their fears on order to sleep and finding ways to relax and reduce stress. The study of sleep is imperative because without sleep, the body deteriorate.

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