CPAP gives Mother a better outlook on Future


Have you ever had that one special person in your house that you love dearly, but when it comes time to go to sleep you almost want to push their bed outside? This is how I live; a life of misery because of a common problem…snoring. My mother snores so loud that it rattles the boards on the second floor. So, after a doctor’s appointment and several household complaints, she was placed on a CPAP machine
. I really can’t tell you how excited I was to finally have a cure for a 17 year problem.

I actually thought this was going to be a great invention and I would finally get a well-rested night of sleep. Boy was I wrong! I must say the snoring MAY have stopped; I am not sure because I couldn’t hear it over the CPAP machine! The machine is so loud that I still get little rest and am trying to figure out how to push the bed and machine outside. I would like to ask the doctors what they were thinking when they diagnosed her and placed her on the machine. Really doc, you did spend a night with her and actually heard how loud she snores? But doc, have you spent a night with the CPAP machine? I cannot be the only person that thinks this is so loud that I want to rid myself of the bed, CPAP machine, doctor, and now my mother!

Our family often wondered why my mother’s mood and temper were often off balance. She was so disappointed because of weight gain and sought several doctors for advice. It wasn’t until our family doctor decided to try sleep therapy and place her on a CPAP machine that things started to change. Sleep therapy devices are used by several people. Much of the time they are convenient and cost effective. All medical information on the CPAP is so accurate that my mother wakes well rested and ready to start a new day. I now enjoy a huge breakfast cooked by my well-rested and wide eyed mother. Now, I need to find out how to medicate myself for lack of sleep. So I ask, doc would you like to spend a night with me and find a bigger and better machine?

With all the laughs and jokes aside; the machine has been proven to assist those that have an obstructive airway. It passes air into your nasal cavity and mouth continuously to avoid disrupted sleep. One benefit of the CPAP machine is that you use the machine in your own home. It has added new heated air
in some models to avoid the dry air that causes sore throats or nose bleeds. The machine has given my mother a well-rested night and a better outlook on the future.

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