Obstructive sleep apnea

By: Jessica S

Perhaps it all started that night during the full moon. At first I did not notice anything different with me, but I knew that something was going on inside my body, something had changed.

My sleeping habits have never been constant. High school is the biggest cause because sometimes I will have tons of homework to do, and sometimes I will not have that much. The moment I began to realize that something was strange was the moment in which no matter how much hours of sleep I got at night I was still sleepy, and needed to take a nap right after school.

My parent began to act strange around me, they seem to be watching my every step. This made me really uncomfortable because I felt as if their eyes were on me the whole time. This worried me, I began to feel as if they were also aware that something was changing inside of me. Every time they began to question me it irritated me.

Why must they always ask so many question? They should know that if I wanted to share something with them I would, but no I do not want to talk and answer all these questions all I wanted to do is sleep.

Sleep is the only thing I think about.

Sleeping during the day is easy, especially because I mostly always fall asleep on top of my English book or any other homework I am doing. Sometimes when I wake up I feel confused because I do not remember falling asleep, and the only thing I remembered is that I was doing homework.

Sleeping during the night is the biggest problem I have because I am not able to sleep all through the night. I know I am the one to blame, because of the naps that I take during the day weather the nap are by accident or on purpose. The thing is that I always take the nap thinking that it will help me, but no it does not, it ends up hurting me because then I have a hard time staying asleep at night. Most of the time the naps are on purpose because I am doing homework and I cannot concentrate because I am so sleepy, so I take a nap thinking it will help which it does a little, but not that much since I stay up late at night trying to finish the homework. I think this is why I wake up sleepier, because I sleep late trying to finish the work.

I have been thinking about how much I sleep and I actually sleep more than I should, but yet again I still feel sleepier. I do not understand how that is possible.

One morning my parents ask me if I was exercising or working too hard. I was confused by this question because I had no idea why they were asking me this. I said I was not, and asked why. My parents responds was that they could hear me snoring at night. I laugh and thought it was some kind of joke because I knew that I did not snore at night. Then they told me they were serious and I had a hard time believing them. I started to believe them because they told me they were worried, because they were aware that the snore was something that recently happened. My parents made me get worried and depressed because I knew something was going on inside my body. I did not want to find out what it was, and I did not want to go see a doctor because then this would all mean that it was really happening.

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