The Insomniac

By Sydni V,

The Insomniac
Brittney was a high school freshman, just begun school last month actually. She was having a great time. She enjoyed all of her classes and even made some new friends. The only problem she had, well, she was an insomniac. Sleeping seemed to be her worst enemy. School for her started bright and early in the morning, which was a problem for her seeing as she couldn’t fall asleep until very late and sometimes went days without sleep. This caused her to doze off in class and lose focus very easily. Every day she would go to school wishing that she could just go back to bed, but when she would have the chance, all else fails and she ends up laying in her bed starring at her ceiling for hours on end until she has to get ready for school once again. Brittney was tired of this routine, and she didn’t want it causing her grades to slip or for her to be too tired for friends and family, so she brought up her insomnia with her family, hoping she could get help. Her parents, not having experience with this, decided to take her to a specialist to see what could be done. “So, based on your information, it seems you have been having some signs of chronic insomnia. This is very treatable, so do not worry yourself” said Dr. Gunner. Brittney and her family were relieved to hear this, and not to long after her visit to the doctor, she was put on some medication and taught some techniques that sure enough helped her sleep better.

It had been five months now and Brittney was doing well. Her medication had helped her a lot with her insomnia and the techniques she was taught helped as well. Her family noticed a big difference in her once she had got the help she needed. She seemed more vibrant and active, more lucid and happy. It was a great pleasure to see their daughter up and about like she had used to be. Now that Brittney hasn’t had any problems with her sleeping, she routinely goes out with friends and has brought her grades up. This also pleased her parents, for her grades had slipped immensely before she got help. All had seemed well, until Brittney started to experience symptoms once again. Brittney hadn’t told anyone, but she disliked taking medication and thought she was doing fine and didn’t need it anymore. Sadly, she realized soon enough that it was needed. But she had become stubborn and refused to continue taking it, she had said “The techniques are all I need, the medicine doesn’t help anymore. I’m fine.” But her parents knew better.

Later that year, Brittney’s parents began to worry about her well-being. They noticed that Brittney began to isolate herself and seemed down a lot. Their concern brought them back to the doctor where Brittney confessed about not taking her medication. This shocked her parents, but not the doctor. “It seems due to this, Brittney has developed some symptoms od depression and irritability. If she begins taking her medication again though, these symptoms should go away within a few months and she should be fine” the doctor stated. After hearing this, Brittney’s parents had begun monitoring Brittney’s intake of her medication and made sure she didn’t miss a dose. A few months passed and, just like the doctor had said, her symptoms had gone away and she was back to being herself once more. Once more, Brittney and her family were grateful and didn’t have any more problems involving Brittney’s insomnia.

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