Marie Marie

By Emma S,

Marie woke up to the sound of laughter coming from all around her. She looked around, wondering why all of her friends were looking at her and the sleepover was interrupted.

“What was that?!” she heard from her friend Nicole through fits of laughter. “It sounded like a pig!”

The girls all began snorting through their continued laughter, before they finally told Marie that she was breathing really weird, then snorted loudly.

“I don’t snore, you guys! Stop it!” But despite her protests, Marie’s friends insisted that she snorted loudly enough to wake up the whole neighborhood.

Unfortunately, this was not the first time this had happened to poor Marie. Her brother went into her room one night and threw a pillow at her to get her to quiet down. She went home the next day in tears, asking her mom what she could do to stop the snorting and the teasing.

After a bit of internet diagnosing, it looked like Marie might have sleep apnea, disrupting her deep sleeps and causing her to jolt, snort, or gasp in her sleep. While Marie was glad to have an actual excuse as to why she was tired at school most days, she wasn’t so excited to have to visit her doctor to get an official diagnosis.

A doctor’s appointment and a few tests later, it was confirmed that Marie had sleep apnea. Luckily, there was something to help Marie breathe more normally and hopefully sleep a little more soundly: a CPAP machine. At first, the Continuous Positive Airway Pressure contraption kind of freaked Marie out and looked like something an alien or scientist would wear. Marie received some encouragement to test one out and just give it a try without dismissing it so easily. She was hesitant, but also a little too tired to argue with her mom any more.

The next morning, Marie felt glorious. It took her a few minutes to get all settled in bed, but once she was asleep, she was out for the night. Marie hadn’t felt so refreshed in weeks, maybe months, and couldn’t wait to start the day. While she was a little worried of how her friends might react to the machine at her next sleepover, she was excited that they wouldn’t be able to compare her to a pig anymore: no snorting with her CPAP!

Marie’s sleepover, though embarrassing at the time, was a great thing to happen to Marie for her overall health. It was the final straw in getting her in to see a doctor and find out what was going on with her sleep patterns. She got a diagnosis and CPAP to help her sleep more safely and soundly throughout the night. Her energy levels went way up, and she felt ready to take on any day after a good

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