Sleep Apnea

By Justus R.

About 70 million people in America have a sleeping disorder one of those being sleep apnea. Now what is sleep apnea and can anyone get it you may be asking yourself but don’t worry today we will be discussing what this disorder is and how to prevent it from happening to you to ensure you get a good night sleep every night without having to worry.

Now sleep apnea is a sleeping disorder in which you take shallow to even pauses in breath when asleep. With each shallow breath or pause your body doesn’t receive enough oxygen allowing for carbon dioxide to build up in the blood stream, this sets off the brain which forces the sleeping person to wake up and breathe in oxygen. And can reoccur multiple times in one night making the person feel as though they are not getting a good night sleep.

Anyone with this disorder can have many symptoms the morning after ranging from headaches to memory or learning problems to dry mouth and sore throat when waking up. The most common sign of sleep apnea is fighting sleepiness during the day when you’re not active and is recommended that people talk with their doctor even if they show no signs of this disorder. In children symptoms range from bed wetting, excessive perspiration, and night terrors snoring is also a big hint when it comes to sleep apnea but not everyone who snores suffers from sleep apnea so how do you tell the difference? By the way you feel the next day if you feel tired and rundown the next day you are probably suffering from sleep apnea.

Some ways to help prevent sleep apnea are sleep on your side because laying on your back allows for gravity to pull your tongue down and obstruct your airway, elevate your head and your body from the waist up, keep your nasal passages open by using a nasal strip or a nasal dilator. If you feel as though none of this works then surgery or sleeping with a CPAP mask might have to be taken into account. A CPAP mask goes around the nose and mouth and pumps a steady stream of air to keep the airways open. But again if nothing seems to be working for you consider surgery and your sleeping problem will be fixed.

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