Darth Vader Is My Father

By Makenna M.

“Dad…dad…., ugh come on wake up!” “huh, what… what’s wrong” my dad replies, sounding muffled. “dad, what on earth are you wearing, is this some sort of Darth Vader mask?” “ha ha very funny Makenna, and no. It’s my CPAP machine.” “your C-what machine?” “C-PAP” he says over exaggerating the pop of the P. “You sound like you’re trying to tell Luke that you are his father.” “Makenna, what do you want” he responds while taking off his mask, obviously agitated from being rudely awakened. “Well, I wanted to know if you wanted to go get donuts” I say as innocently as possible. “Ohhhhh, so you wanted to know if I could drive you to go get donuts.” “Oh dad, you just get me” I grin widely, “but can you please drive me? It will be for the benefit of the whole family.” “Mak, you know I’m trying to lose weight so I don’t have to wear this machine anymore.” “But, you don’t have to get a donut. You could get a piece of fruit or something.” “Oh thanks Makenna. And just let you guys eat your fattening donuts in front of me?” “I mean you wouldn’t have to watch.” “I’m going be to bed” he responds as he closes his eyes. “Noooooooo! please please please pretty please?” I pout, “I’ll love you forever” I say in a sing-songy voice. “You already love me forever, because you have to.” I wait quietly, obviously not giving up. “ugh” he grunts “fine. Let me get my pants on.” “Yes! You’re the best father in the entire world.” I kiss him on the cheek. “Mmmmhmmm” he lazily responds. “Hey dad, can I try on your Vader mask?” “Uhhh, I guess” he replies. I start to fit the mask to my head and start coughing immediately. “ugkkk! why is warm air shooting out of it?!? How the heck do you sleep like that?” “Ehh, you get used to it after awhile.” he chuckles. I really hope I didn’t inherit the snoring gene. ​

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