CPAP machine

My name is Jazmen Hardy. I am interested in the effects of sleep apnea because it has affected several members in my family. I had an uncle die from sleep apnea and I never understood what that meant. My mother, stepdad and aunt have all been diagnosed with sleep apnea. My mom lost weight and her sleep apnea got a lot better, however my step dad and aunt still suffer from it. I have learned a lot about this disorder and how serious and deadly this order can be. Since my mom was diagnosed with it she told me about it. She told me that sleep apnea is where you stop breathing in your sleep. When she got tested she had over 150 times that she stopped breathing in one night. I was shocked. I talked to my stepdad and he told me that he also has sleep apnea and Post traumatic stress disorder {PTSD}. He only sleeps two to three hours a night and then he is woke the rest of the night.

I did some research and discovered about CPAPS and BIPAP machines and how they work. They force the airways to remain open while they are sleep. Since my mom loss weight, she didn’t need one but my stepdad did. Since he has gotten his machine, he has been getting more sleep and he is not taking naps all day. I asked him does Post-traumatic Stress Disorder affect how he sleep also and he said yes but at least with the CPAP he can get about five hours of sleep a night. I really appreciate your company for developing and marketing these products. I watched the movie regarding sleep apnea that is shown at Princeton Hospital prior to having the sleep study and I was amazed at how having sleep apnea not only is deadly immediately, but it also shortens your life by five to eight years. My stepdad is a disable veteran and he has many health issues. This small machine has help relieve one of them.

The things I have learned about this condition, I also read about your company. Your company not only provides CPAP and supplies but it also sales oxygen, humidifier and several other products to aid in breathing. This is a very special company because it puts the needs of others first. Every sale you make has the potential to be a life-saving sale. I really appreciate your company for developing and marketing these products. You really are a caring company and I hope you continue to service those in need.

Thank you for taking the time to read my essay and considering me for this scholarship. I really appreciate you time and the fact that you created this scholarship for those in need. Not everyone will be the top choice in school, nor will they get offers based on their grades. I have dyslexia and ADD, I maintain at 2.5 GPA and I will go to school. Since I am not a top student, there are not a lot of people creating scholarships to help those with potential but limited funds. Even if I don’t get this scholarship, I hope you will continue to offer this scholarship to those that want to better their future and are willing to push hard to get it done.

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