Top CPAP Cleaning Products

If you’re like most people, you want to have the most hygienic sleep apnea therapy possible. CPAP is a daily part of life and if you want to get the best results that you can, it’s incumbent that you clean your equipment regularly. Your mask, cushion, tubes, water chamber, and filters — if they’re washable — should all be cleaned every single day.

Fortunately, cleaning CPAP equipment is relatively easy. Most of your equipment can be cleaned quickly and easily: modern water chambers and tubes can be run through the dishwasher, which allows them to be cleaned quickly. Your mask can be cleaned with warm, soapy water, and because the material is durable and anti-absorbent you can just take it into the shower for a quick scrub as part of your daily routine. For the most part, a little maintenance won’t take too long and can go a long way toward improving your therapeutic outcomes.

If you want to make sure that you’re getting the most hygienic therapy you can though, there are a few other things you can do. At CPAPMan, we carry a number of effective and easy-to-use CPAP cleaners that can sanitize your equipment quickly and easily. Read on for a little bit more information about some of our more popular cleaners.

SoClean II

The SoClean is the world’s most effective CPAP sanitation device. Manufactured by Better Rest Solutions, the SoClean is an innovative device that cleans your mask, tube, and water chamber with just the click of a button. Simply attach your tube and mask to the SoClean, turn it on, and the SoClean will use oxygen to remove potentially harmful bacteria from your equipment. It takes only a few hours to clean your device, so simply put your gear in the SoClean after you wake up and your CPAP supplies will be ready to go by the time you need to head to bed.

Tube Brush

Have you ever tried to clean your tube and felt frustrated that you couldn’t reach all the way inside? That’s not a problem for patients using this stainless steel brush. The brush is 3.5 feet long — there’s also a five foot brush available for CPAP users with extra long hoses — and it’s thin handle and effective bristles enable it to scrub the hard-to-reach part of the hose.

Mask Wipes

At CPAPMan, we carry scentless mask wipes made from 100% cotton. The wipes use Aloe Vera to sanitize and effectively treat any bacteria that may have built up in your mask cushion and frame. The wipes come in a canister and a travel friendly pack that’s perfect for patients who fly regularly.

Gecko Nasal Strip

The Gecko Nasal Pad is designed to add an additional layer of support on your nose. For patients with sensitive skin — or old masks requiring a particularly tight mask fit — the gecko pad will prevent you from developing a facial abrasion on the bridge of your nose. The pad is easy to apply and should stick on your nose throughout the night.

These are just some of the best CPAP cleaning items on the shelves of your friendly CPAPMan. For more information about these items, or for any general therapy questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our customer service department.

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