CPAP Cleaning and Comfort Supplies

At CPAPMan, we carry a number of accessory items that can help you get the most out of your CPAP therapy. While your CPAP machine and mask will always be your most important equipment in helping you treat your sleep apnea, you can augment the performance you get from these products by increasing your comfort or working to maintain your seal. We also have a number of cleaning supplies that can help you keep your therapy as hygienic as possible.

Comfort Supplies

Our most popular comfort supply is the CPAP Tubing Lift
, which is ideal for patients who hate having their hose get in the way while they toss and turn. The tubing lift solves this problem. The base of the lift attaches to the rear or your bed while the lift itself stretches up several feet. The lift is angled at the top, and is fitted with a small hole: simply run your hose through the hole at the top, and the rest of your tube will wind down the tubing lift and away from your body. Provided that you have a long enough tube, you’ll have enough slack in the line to roll over in bed without disrupting your seal or inducing mask drag.

We also carry CPAP Moisture Therapy
to treat the red blemishes and stretch marks that might be on your face. The moisture is ideal for patients who like to keep their masks fastened or for patients who sleep on their stomachs. Finally, we also ever several nasal pads
for patients who want to prevent imprint marks on their nasal bridge.

Enhancing Your Seal

For most patients struggling to maintain their seal, we recommend using a chinstrap
. Chinstraps are only intended for patients who use a full face or a nasal mask, although any patient who wants to keep their mouth closed could benefit from using one. The chinstrap’s primary function is to help you keep your mouth closed. Many patients find that their jaw will relax during sleep, causing air to flow out of the mouth, eliminating the benefits you get from using your machine in the first place!

The chinstrap will help you keep your mouth closed by applying pressure any time your jaw attempts to open. While the strap won’t clamp on your jaw – you won’t notice any pressure until you try to open your mouth – this will provide reinforcement while you’re sleeping. Additionally, same patients find the chinstraps comfortably, and all of them are easy to apply and remove.

Cleaning Your Equipment

At CPAPMan, we carry a number of items that can keep your equipment hygienic and functioning. The SoClean CPAP Cleaning and Sanitization Machine
is the most advanced cleaner in our line, and it cleans 99.9 of all bacteria and mineral deposits without requiring you to use wipes or sprays. It comes with a hefty price tag, but if you hate spending time cleaning your machine, few items will help you clean faster or more effectively.

For those looking for less expensive solutions, we also offer mask wipes, a citrus spray, and a stainless steel tube brush – at lengths of 3.5 and 5 feet – that can reach deep inside your tubes. These non-toxic cleaning solutions will help you get the most out of your therapy and help you deep clean your equipment quickly and easily.

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