ResMed AirSense 10 For Her

In their line of AirSense 10 CPAP machine
s, ResMed designed and branded the first CPAP machine
with a unique algorithm specifically designed to target apneas and unnatural breathing episodes in women. While ResMed did make a for Her machine in their line of S9 equipment, the ResMed S9 AutoSet For Her
functioned exactly the same as normal versions of the machine: the only difference between machines was the color. That’s all changing with the AirSense.

The primary feature of the ResMed AirSense 10 for Her
is the algorithm that targets unnatural breathing episodes in women. ResMed was inspired by the fact that women experience apneas slightly differently than men do: women have slightly smaller airways, and experience upper airway respiratory disturbances more often than men. To target this condition, ResMed constructed their algorithm to quickly treat these frequent disturbances.

A conventional CPAP machine increases pressure by 3 cm H20 after three consecutive abnormal breaths. Because it needs to treat apneas more frequently, the AutoSet for Her responds to incidents quickly. The machine is designed to detect unnatural respiration cycles after just a single breath, and so the For Her algorithm goes to work immediately. The machine will increase pressure by 2.5 cm H20 after just one unnatural breath, and hold the new pressure until normal respiration recommences.

Beyond the customized algorithm, the AutoSet boasts all of the features the rest of the AirSense line offers. It features the AirView data management system
, EPR, a newly designed ramp, advanced event detection software, an overhauled humidification system – with an optional heated tube – and an intuitive user interface.

AirView is convenient for sleep apnea therapy patients who regularly share data and information with their physician or CPAP service provider. With the AutoSet for Her, all you have to do is enable data sharing and you can easily upload all of your information – including sleep data, leak rate, and apnea measurements – to the cloud. Your physician or retailer will be able to see your information instantly, and can help prescribe advice, fix your machine, or assist you with any controls. Remember, if you don’t want this data storage, simply place the device in airplane mode and it won’t save any of your information.

The rest of the features are standard across the AirSense line, including EPR. EPR is a convenient feature because it decreases pressure at the onset of each breath, for a more natural respiratory cycle. The for Her also is capable of determining whether an unnatural breathing episode has lasted for longer than ten seconds. When this occurs, the machine automatically increases to your prescribed pressure until the apnea ends.

The AutoSet for Her also includes the most intuitive interface you’ll find on a CPAP machine. The brightly lit LCD screen – which automatically dims at night, so as to not wake your partner – lists all of the available settings and controls in an intuitive order, and the large, ergonomic knob can be turned simply.

You may also enjoy the new humidifier. Each AirSense for Her comes with an integrated humidifier and a removable water chamber. Unlike in previous lines, the water chamber on the For Her machine must be removed if you want to fill it with water; this will help prevent accidental water spillages onto the machine itself. The humidifier’s chamber can hold up to 380 ml of water, allowing you to get a hassle free night of humidification and help relieving common symptoms associated with CPAP therapy, including rainout, nasal congestion, and dry mouth/throat.

With it’s aesthetic flowery design, female-targeted algorithm, humidifier, and data storage system, the AirSense for Her from ResMed is a premier CPAP machine for women. It offers the latest technology and can help reduce the negative effects from sleep apnea. If you’re searching for a new CPAP machine, take a look at the AirSense 10 for Her today!

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