Buying a CPAP Mask

When it comes to buying a CPAP mask, there are a multitude of options available, and each mask is going to have different features that will appeal to individual users. At CPAPMan, we carry three main types of CPAP masks, and within those types, you’ll have a large selection of masks available to choose from. Finding the right type or types of CPAP masks that will fit your needs can be one of the most difficult decisions when it comes time to make your purchase and start your sleep apnea therapy. Each patient is unique in their needs, whether they want to read or watch TV while hooked up to their machine, or if they breathe out of their mouth while asleep, there are several factors that can have huge effects on your therapy, and if your mask is the wrong choice for your needs, your machine will not be able to deliver the optimal therapy you’ll need to effectively treat your sleep apnea. In this blog, we are going to highlight the three main types of masks that we sell, and the accompanying video should help you visualize each mask style. Once you know what type of mask you’ll need, browse our selection to find the best possible mask for you! CPAP Nasal Masks

The most popular style of CPAP mask
is a nasal mask
, where the cushion covers your nose only. Most CPAP users breathe out of their nose during sleep, so a mask cushion that seals around the nose is the perfect choice. Nasal masks tend to be less bulky than their full face counter parts, lighter on the face due to their size. Nasal mask cushions form a seal around your nose by resting on the bridge and cheeks. For users who still want to use a nasal mask but breathe out of their mouth, CPAP chinstraps are available to help keep your mouth closed while undergoing your therapy.

For users who don’t breathe out of their mouth during CPAP use and do not like the nasal mask, nasal pillows
are the choice. Nasal pillow masks differ from nasal masks in that they still flow air through your nose, but instead of having a cushion that seals around the face, they have two prongs that are placed directly into the nasal passage. Nasal pillow masks are the lightest masks available, and tend to have the least amount of pieces involved, improving your range of vision.

The AirFit F10 is a popular new full face CPAP mask.
While nasal and nasal pillow masks are designed for users who breathe out of their nose at night, full face masks
will cover both the nose and mouth while being worn, perfect for users who breathe out of their mouth while sleeping. If you breathe out of your mouth and are using a nasal mask, your therapy will be greatly affected. Full face masks will cover both the nose and mouth, ensuring that you are getting air from your CPAP throughout the night. Full face masks can be worn by any patient, but will help those who breathe out of their mouth the most.Within each mask type, there are several different masks available for purchase, with differing cushions, headgears, and sizes. What you’ll need from your mask, most notably the comfort and fit (a poor mask fit can lead to leaks), is going to be different from other patients out there, which is why you’ll find the largest selection of CPAP masks from the best manufacturers in the industry in our catalog. If you ever need help with a mask, get in touch with our customer service department, and we’ll help guide you in the right direction!

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