DeVilbiss IntelliPAP Machines

The intelliPAP Auto

Part of the intelliPAP series from DeVilbiss.

One of the most popular lines of CPAP machines at CPAPMan is the intelliPAP series from DeVilbiss Healthcare. Consisting of two auto CPAP machines and four manual models, the intelliPAP’s offer customers an affordable machine that combines durability with performance. At CPAPMan, we carry three different intelliPAP’s: the two manuals, the Standard DV51D-HH
and the Standard plus DV53D, and the auto machine, the 54D. Each comes with a humidifier for a total of six different machine options.

All three DeVilbiss machines are user friendly: each features large buttons with intuitive controls and a brightly lit LCD screen. You can adjust your settings easily with visible and clearly marked buttons that let you toggle between options quickly.

You may be wondering why DeVilbiss calls their CPAP machines ‘intelliPAP’s.’ They are branded this way to indicate that each machine features a number of ‘smart’ features that helps to set their machines apart from everyone else’s.

As an example, the Standard 51D features SmartCode. SmartCode helps to keep track of all of your patient data, including apneas and snoring episodes. This allows you and your doctor to have up to date information pertaining to your sleep apnea therapy. With DeVilbiss’s easy to use interface, you’ll be able to track all relevant information with just a couple of clicks.

The Standard Plus Machine offers SmartFlex Relief technology. This feature allows users to use three different pressure relief options to cope with any breathing discomfort they may be experiencing. These drops in pressure allow the user to experience a 1 cm H20 reduction in pressure during exhalation each. Additionally, Flow Rounding technology from DeVilbiss allows you to customize your therapy further by allowing you to adjust your pressure settings throughout the night. The Standard Plus also includes SmartCode.

Finally, the intelliPAP auto CPAP
combines SmartCode and SmartFlex with the pressure adjusting capabilities of an auto CPAP machine. The auto is able to detect hypopneas, which are abnormally shallow respiratory periods, and adjust pressure to return your breathing to normal.

These are just some of the features patients like in DeVilbiss’s line of intelliPAP CPAP machines. Read more on our site to see if an intelliPAP is right for you, or check out our video below:

Additional Note: It’s important not to mistake the intelliPAP for BiPAPs, VPAPs, or other bi-level devices. The IntelliPAP line is entirely composed of continuous positive airway pressure machines that are suitable for the vast majority of patients who suffer from sleep apnea. Bi-level machines are strictly for patients with severe sleep apnea conditions, and should never be used as a substitute for a CPAP Machine.

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