APEX Travel CPAP Machines


At CPAPMan, we know that many of our customers travel often and we recognize the need for travel friendly CPAP machines and equipment. Nobody likes lugging their CPAP when they’re on the road, and in response to this preference, we carry a number of machines that won’t slow you down while you’re on the go. One of our most popular line of machines is the APEX series of travel CPAP machines

The APEX machines are popular for both home and travel use. There are four machines in the line, and each comes with or without a humidifier, for a total of eight options. These machines include the XT Fit, the XT Sense, the XT Prime, and the XT Auto. Let’s talk a little more about each machine.

The XT Fit is the prototype in the line: it’s a compact machine and it weighs less than two pounds. It comes with a built in power supply and a user friendly interface on a brightly lit LCD screen. Like all regular CPAP machines, the Fit features a standard pressure range 4 to 20 cm H20.

The XT Sense is the next machine in the line: in addition to all of the features found on the Fit, the Sense also offers leak compensation, which detects when your mask is leaking and compensates by automatically increasing the machine’s pressure in response to leaks. For patients who have a tough time maintaining a seal all night, leak adjustment can be vital: given the Sense’s pressure range, it should be able to accommodate for small leaks; even if your seal becomes compromised you won’t necessarily experience worse therapy.

Similar to the Sense, the XT Prime also varies pressure during the course of therapy. It comes with a Pressure Variation Algorithm (PVA) that reduces pressure during exhalation for increased comfort before returning to your preferred pressure setting as you inhale for optimal therapy. By lowering the pressure automatically, you’ll be able to exhale normally, a feature most patients enjoy. Those who wake often during CPAP therapy – especially new patients – will particularly like this feature, as too much pressure during exhalation can wake CPAP users.

Finally, the XT Auto
is APEX’s premier travel device. It comes with the same PVA as the Prime and it also automatically adjusts pressure based on your respiration patterns and needs. Essentially, the Prime functions like a typical every day auto CPAP machine: though it’s built in the body of a travel machine, it offers the performance and features of an everyday CPAP. Like the rest of the machines in the APEX line, it weighs less than two pounds on its own and will fit into travel bags of any size.

All four of these machines are compatible with APEX’s heated humidifier. Each machine can be attached easily to the humidifier, which weighs less than a pound and a half. If you like humidification during your nightly therapy, you’ll want APEX’s humidifier: it offers all of the comfort you’d expect without the bulk typically associated with humidifiers.

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