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CPAPMan's most popular ResMed machine, the S9 AutoSet

The S9 AutoSet from ResMed

Trying to find the most popular CPAP machine
to help with your sleep apnea therapy? A few weeks ago I wrote about the most popular CPAP masks
so that you would have a good source to know what masks that my customers were choosing for their set up. We went over things like the Repironics ComfortGel Blue Nasal Mask
, which is the number one selling mask in the history of CPAPMan. But masks are just a small portion of sleep apnea therapy, and can only work when you have the perfect machine for treating your sleeping disorder.

I’ve compiled a list of the most popular CPAP machines that we sell, and this is strictly based off of the number of machines purchased. I want to let you guys know that I stand behind every machine and manufacturer that we carry, so if you don’t think the most popular machine is right for you, well then get in touch and we will work with your prescribed settings to make sure that you are receiving the best possible therapy from your CPAP machine at a price that is fair and within your budget!

With that said, here is a list of the most popular CPAP machines we sell, from 1 to 5.

Number 1 – The ResMed S9 AutoSet
is the most popular CPAP machine we sell, and it happens to be from the premier manufacturer in the industry. The ResMed S9 AutoSet features a pressure relief algorithm that will improve your comfort during use by lowering pressure as you exhale, and is available with and without a humidifier, and with heated or standard CPAP tubing. Definitely a top of the line machine, and the most popular machine to our customers.

Number 2 – The Respironics System One DS560 Auto CPAP Machine
, part of the System One 60 Series line, this auto machine has heated tubing that was not previously seen with the 50 series of machines, but does not disappoint to live up to the name of its extremely popular predecessors. The 560, like the S9 Auto before it, also features pressure relief technology and can be purchased with a humidifier or by itself.

Number 3 – A travel machine makes the list at number 3, with the Transcend EZEX Auto
. EZEX is the pressure relief algorithm from Transcend and will make sure that you are comfortable at all times while using your CPAP machine. Transcend machines are small, compact and extremely quiet, and make the ultimate CPAP travel machine companion. Humidifier options include heated and waterless.

Number 4 – Not everybody needs an auto CPAP machine, as some people prefer the fixed pressure standard that they have become accustomed to with their old machines. That brings us to the Respironics DS460 CPAP Machine
, built exactly like the DS560 except that it stays at your set pressure throughout the night. Like the 560, it is also available with heated humidifier and heated tubing if you prefer.

Number 5 – One of the most popular CPAP machines in Australia, the ICON+ Auto from Fisher and Paykel
comes with a built in heated humidifier and is a compact machine that can take the place of your bedside alarm clock, saving you space. The machine will deliver exceptional sleep apnea therapy and make sure that you are comfortable at all times with its sense awake technology. Heated tubing option available for those who want to soothe that sore throat or dry nose!

So those are the top 5 most popular CPAP machines available at CPAPMan, and they’re all on sale at the lowest prices, and will ship today! Get in touch with our customer service department at 1-855-235-7626 to learn more or to let our customer service reps guide you through the process of making your machine purchases!

Respironics System One 60 Series Overview

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