An Intro to Cleaning and Maintaining Your CPAP Equipment

Cleaning your CPAP equipment on a regular basis is one of the most important tasks for every CPAP user throughout the course of therapy. Cleaning your CPAP gadgetry is not merely a hygienic exercise: users who properly and thoroughly clean their equipment can also expect to see a significant increase in said equipment’s lifespan. Though it may occasionally seem like a hassle, all CPAP therapy patients should get into the habit of cleaning their equipment on a consistent basis. Toward this end, offers a special CPAP care kit
which includes a number of useful cleaning utensils.

Many CPAP therapy patients are unaware that failing to consistently clean their CPAP equipment can create significant health concerns. When patients do not keep a good cleaning routine, harmful bacteria can build up which can cause problems for personal health and therapy effectiveness. For best results, it is recommended that you clean your equipment on a daily basis, not once or twice per week.

A couple items included in the cleaning kit from merit individualized attention. The CPAP Mask Wipes
enable patients to clean their masks more effectively than a typical rag or cloth. Likewise, the stainless steel Tubing Brush
is much more efficient for cleaning your CPAP tubing than washing it by hand. Both of these items will make cleaning your CPAP equipment on a daily basis a much easier proposition.

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