Transcend Travel CPAP Machine

The Transcend Travel CPAP Machine Series
is one of the smallest, lightest, and unqiue CPAP machine series available on the market today. Made my somnetics, a leading manufacturer in the industry for sleep apnea therapy devices, Transcend machines are perfect for on the go CPAP users who do not want to carry around larger and bulkier machines. Weighing under two pounds, Transcend machines are compact and perfect to fit into carryon luggage. CPAPMan offers three different versions of Transcend machines, two being fixed pressure continuous positive airway pressure machines, meaning that they are set to a pressure and will not vary, and the newest machine, the Transcend Auto with EZEX pressure relief machine, which will change pressure between each breath to deliver the optimal pressure setting based on your needs.

So basically, I just tossed in a bunch of words that for first time users might make zero sense. So let me explain a little further about EZEX pressure relief, which is the essential function of this highly unique travel CPAP devices. For years, CPAP users who wore their mask nightly may have notice some discomfort while breathing out during therapy. Pressure relief reduces the pressure based off your needs every time you breathe out, and returns to the perfect setting upon intake, improving the overall comfort and effectiveness of your machine. Both the Transcend APAP
or automatic positive airway pressure and the newest fixed pressure CPAP machine with EZEX pressure relief have this function. You’ll notice pressure relief, albeit with different names, in many of the machines we carry, including the most popular machines from the most popular manufacturers like ResMed and Respironics, the difference between these machines is not function, but size and portability!

At CPAPMan, we carry many travel devices, and they are all on sale at the best prices on the internet, in fact if you find a better price, we’ll match any price, and our shipping is always free for any order over 99 dollars! Get in touch with our customer service department today at 855-235-7626, and let us help you find the perfect machine and CPAP mask, from the top manufacturers in the industry. Below, you’ll see a quick little video we did on Transcend. Know that you can purchase a heated humidifier or a waterless humidification system for all of our Transcend machines, as well as a solar power charger that allows you to travel with these machines to places unknown and still use them, even without a power source!

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