Respironics System One 60 Series

The Respironics System One 60 Series
is the latest in a long line of CPAP machines from Philips Respironics, a leading manufacturer for CPAP products. The 60 Series, which features upgrades over the previous line of 50 series machines, offers many unique features that make CPAP therapy comfortable and effective, and has a long line of machines from fixed pressure machines the DS260, available with a heated humidifier or without, to the auto c-pap machine like the DS560, the number one selling machine at CPAPMan, as well as BiPAP and VPAP machines for advanced sleep apnea therapy like the DS960 and DS1060.

Unlike its predecessors in the 50 series line, 60 series CPAP machines are available with heated tubing for your CPAP humidifier. Heated tubing adds increased comfort by reducing or eliminating condensation in the tube and CPAP mask that can cause rainout, an effect from sleep apnea therapy that can cause users to experience a sore throat or dry nasal passage in the morning.

Respironics has long been one of the leading manufacturers in the CPAP industry, and the 60 series is just the latest line of advanced CPAP machines that ar extremely effective, reliable, quiet, and small in stature, and when purchased at CPAPMan you can find the best prices on these advanced sleep therapy machines.

The two most popular CPAP machines in the Respironics System One 60 Series line are the DS460, which is a fixed pressure continuous positive airway pressure machine. Fixed pressure means that throughout the night your machine will be set at a certain pressure and deliver consistent and reliable therapy. Dependent upon your doctor’s orders, and your preference, fixed pressure machines can have their pressures adjusted before and after use, but will stay at that pressure amount throughout the night.

The DS560, which like the 460 is available with heated humidifier and heated tubing, or without and typical standard tubing for those who prefer, is an auto adjusting CPAP machine. Auto CPAP, or APAP
machines have the ability to change the pressure throughout the night dependent upon your needs. These machines detect your breathing patterns and apneas and change regularly throughout the night to ensure that you are receiving the best possible therapy at all times. While the difference between fixed pressure and auto are significant, it really just comes down to personal preference for each individual user.

As with all of the machines we sell at CPAPMan, the System One 60 Series machines can be paired with any CPAP mask. So if you are a long time user of the ResMed Swift FX nasal pillow mask
, don’t fret, Respironics and ResMed, although competitors in the industry, have taken your overall comfort into account and ensured that their masks and machines are compatible! Check out our Respironics System One 60 Series machines today, and as always get in contact with our industry leading customer service if you have any questions while trying to decide which machine or mask is best for you!

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